An Insecure Vacation is no Vacation: Hire Security While You’re Out Of Town

Few things in life are more exciting and rewarding than taking a well-deserved vacation.  Stress at the office or at school has a tendency to build up, yet that stress seems to magically disappear when you are relaxing in a different zip code.   However, there are some drawbacks to taking a vacation, particularly forContinue Reading

5 Suprising Home Security Statistics

Everyone knows that crimes occur, but many people don’t realize how much danger they, their homes and their businesses are actually in. According to such reputable sources as the FBI, the Alarm Industry Research & Educational Foundation and the National Fire Protection Association, there are some pretty sobering statistics to consider. Let’s take a lookContinue Reading

Benefits of Mobile Video Monitoring

In today’s digital age, managing the security of your home or business has never been easier or more efficient. With mobile video monitoring, you can have eyes on your property at all times and trained, qualified and alert security personal available at the ready should an incident occur. As an added bonus, with video monitoring,Continue Reading