Security Company & Building Patrol Services in Bridgeport, CT

In this day and age, it seems like everyday there is a new viral video of a person causing a scene and a disturbance at a place of business. As such, now, perhaps more so than ever before, it’s prudent for companies to invest in building patrol services to increase security and provide peace of mind for business owners, employees and customers alike.

On-Site Armed Security Guards For Hire in Bridgeport

Metroguard provides reliable on-site armed security guards for hire in Bridgeport, CT. We can also provide unarmed guards to help patrol the premises and ensure everything is running smoothly and safely. Our guards thoroughly trained and have years of experience. They’re also licensed by the state. We work with businesses of all sizes and with companies in a wide range of industries, as well as with individuals and residential clients.

Building Patrol Service in Bridgeport

There are many advantages to investing in building patrol services. For starters, hiring a mobile patrol service for businesses ensures a rapid response should something go amiss. What’s more, a security presence serves as a deterrent to someone with bad intentions and makes others feel at ease knowing they’re safe. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Keyholding Alarm And Response Service for Businesses in Bridgeport

Many clients provide us with keys to ensure that if any dangerous incidents arise, we can provide rapid response to keep your business safe. With our alarm response services for businesses, you can avoid having an employee show up to a potentially harmful situation, and instead will have a fully trained secretary professional with experience to handle all kinds of scenarios show up to the scene. Further, there are many ancillary benefits to providing us with keys, as we can help if employees need access or if you want someone reliable to lock up each night.  

Whether you need building patrol services, alarm response services or some other type of professional security service, look no further than Metroguard. Your security is our business; contact us for more details.