Metroguard Security & Risk Management is proud to introduce our Canine Division for K9 detection services. Our dogs train daily, so as to always be prepared for the call, and they specialize in Explosive detection, bed bug detection efforts and illegal substance detection.


Our canines can serve as a discreet security team so that you know your home, business, religious organization, or educational facility is safe.  Dogs have noses that are thousands of times more sensitive than humans.  They can detect just about anything they are trained for with far more accuracy and efficiency than humans.  With the current rise is substance abuse, mental health, and crime, there has never been a more crucial time in America to protect your loved ones or associates.

Our canines are trained and socialized, which enhances their ability to operate in high pedestrian traffic venues such as large event gatherings. However, they also perform well in a smaller place such as a home or office.  Other outside distractions such as food, noise, other animals, and people, do not affect their performance.  Our head canine trainer has a “Master Trainer” certification in dog obedience, aggression, service, and detection. 


Asha a Drug Detection K9

Drugs & Narcotics Detection K9

Bed Bugs Detection:

Adult bed bugs are wingless insects that range from 5-6mm in length and feed solely on the blood of animals. These small, brownish-red insects, can be either flat or bulbous, depending on the timing of their last meal. Cimex lectularius Linnaeus is the scientific name of bed bugs.  

Female bed bugs can lay eggs within a few days of their last meal, so an infestation can happen very quickly.  Common requests for bed bug inspections come from homes, businesses, hospitals, nursing homes, and hotels. 

Call us to get peace of mind about bed bugs in your establishment.

Bruegger - Bed Bugs Detection K9

Bed Bugs Detection K9

Drugs, Narcotics & Illegal Substances:

We are the ones to call when you suspect illicit substance activity in your establishment.

Our canines and their handlers work quickly and diligently to address any illicit drug concerns you may have. Our dogs have experience working in schools, businesses, and private residences. These highly trained dogs can detect eight different types of illicit or illegal drugs.

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Explosives and Accelerants Detection Dog named Bruno

Explosives & Accelerants Detection K9

Explosives & Accelerants:

With the use of explosives or explosive materials being one of the most common weapons in foreign and domestic terrorism, it is nice to know there is a force to combat such threats.

Our explosive detection canines are trained to detect ten different types of explosives or accelerants. They can inspect your home, business, warehouse, religious, or educational institution. They can also be a mobile force at a mass gathering event.

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In Horton v. Goose Creek Independent School District (1982), the 5th Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals found that using dogs to sniff student cars and lockers is permissible and does not constitute a search within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment and is not a deprivation of liberty without due process as outlined in the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Metroguard is not associated with any law enforcement agencies.  It is not a requirement that we notify your local law enforcement agency for our visit to your establishment.  Our job is to give you a definitive answer regarding a safety concern you may have regarding drugs, explosives, and bed bugs.  It is the discretion of the client regarding disciplinary consequences regarding anything our canines may find.  We recommend utilizing your local law enforcement’s canine services if you are seeking legal consequences.

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