Commercial & Business Security Services

Commercial Security Services

Providing a secure environment at your place of business is crucial for the safety of your employees and customers, and even yourself.  With premier security services from Metroguard, you can ensure that your assets are in good hands.

We offer a variety of different commercial security services for both large and small businesses throughout Connecticut. Browse the list below for more information on how we can further assist your security needs.

Security Guard Stationing:

Metroguard knows that having a uniformed and licensed security guard stationed at your premises is an effective deterrent.  These uniformed security officers control access to your property, patrol, and escort visitors while always maintaining a safe environment.

Our guards can either roam (vehicle or foot) or be stationed at access points.  Rather your organization’s access point be a booth, desk, or doorway, Metroguard selects, trains, and motivates only those individuals whose avocation is providing the type of security service that you desire.

Event Security:

Metroguard provides security personnel for any event you may be hosting.  We will provide a uniformed officer and vehicle (if requested) to assist with parking, crowd control, or visibility in the interest of safety. 

Construction Site Security:

Construction sites are one of the most unprotected areas from theft or vandalism after the site closes for the business day.  Metroguard can protect your construction site with live on-site security presence or roving periodic patrols.  We can also provide a guard for access entry during business hours.  Call us to find out more on how we can protect your construction site. 

Key-Holding and On-Site Security Alarm Response:

Most businesses already have a Security System. However it’s usually late at night or on weekends when it activates. Unless there’s an obvious opened door, local Police may arrive but can’t get inside until a key holder arrives.  Plus, you get the phone call and will pay for any response they make.

Periodic Proactive Patrols:

Metroguard employs a proactive approach to security with roving patrols.  Our security patrol cars are on the road 24/7 performing exterior and interior property checks.  The frequency of these checks are based on customer request and at a different time each day and night.  Roving patrols can often deter problems simply based on visibility.   Call us to find out how our roving patrols can protect your property or business. 

Premises Scheduled Closings:

Securing your place of business for the night/weekend is crucial.  All too often the last person out may neglect to shut/lock doors and windows, turn off unnecessary machinery and lights, and/or set your heating/cooling system to save you substantial sums of money. Metroguard can take care of all this for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with securing your business every evening.

K-9 Detection Services:

Metroguard is proud to announce K-9 detection services.  Our dogs train daily so they are well prepared to serve you.  Their training specializes in illegal substance detection and bed bugs.  Our K-9 team continues to grow so that inspections are more thorough.  Please call us if you would our team of dogs to inspect your property.

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