Commercial & Business Security Services

Commercial Security Services

Providing a secure environment at your place of business is crucial for the safety of your employees and customers, and even yourself.  With premier security services from Metroguard Inc., you can ensure that your assets are in good hands.

We offer a variety of different commercial security services for both large and small businesses throughout Connecticut. Browse the list below for more information on how we can further assist your security needs.

Key-Holding and On-Site Security Alarm First Response:

Most businesses already have a Security System. However, when it activates, it’s usually late at night or on weekends. So when it activates, who actually comes to your place of business to find out what happened?  Local Police may arrive, after being dispatched to any felonies, domestics, traffic accidents, etc., but if they can’t get inside what can they really do? Keep in mind; you will pay for any response they make anyway. Metroguard has Uniformed Licensed Security Officers on duty at all times, just for this purpose.

Periodic Proactive Patrols:

Stopping any potential problems before they happen is obviously what you want to do. After your business closes for the night/weekend, who looks after it? The most common answer is nobody. Let Metroguard take this preventative measure so bad things don’t happen.  Our proactive approach to security prevents problems from happening.

Premises Scheduled Closings:

Securing your place of business for the night/weekend is crucial. This will not only ensure your existing security arrangements but will also reduce costs.  All too often the last person out may neglect to shut/lock doors and windows, turn off unnecessary machinery and lights, and/or set your heating/cooling system to save you substantial sums of money. Metroguard can take care of all this for you. This security service will pay for itself in a matter of months!

For more information on Key-Holding and On-Site Security services, contact us today.