Guard Services & Risk Management Consultants

Metroguard’s Management Team

Metroguard’s owners and company management team are all well experienced professionals with many years of experience in the security industry.

Our closely knit management team allows for team members to respond quickly to emergency, unusual or unscheduled security service requests or client problems. We seek to demonstrate our willingness to support our clients by confronting their security problems with rapid, practical solutions.

David H. Ferris Jr. President

David H. Ferris Jr.

Risk Management Consultants Fairfield, CT

Troy Haynie
President of Risk Management

Tom Signore
Business Manager

Paul R. Aaronson

Business Partner

Customer Service That Exceeds Expectations

Metroguard personnel, at all levels of the organization, are trained not only in the peculiar security aspects of their assignment but also in the client relations aspect or their assignment. They are indoctrinated to be fully aware that Metroguard is a Customer Service Security organization and that we are dedicated to far exceeding the service expectations of our clients.