Risk Management Consulting Services in Connecticut

While maintaining its traditional commitment to security, we now offer clients consulting and training in safety and risk management.  We have a staff of former and current police, fire, and EMS professionals to perform safety audits and conduct any relevant training or follow up needs of our clients. Our risk management instructors make their training interactive and empowering, not fearful. 

There are many levels of service that Metroguard can provide to your school or business.  See below to learn more about our Risk Management opportunities.

Property Survey

Depending on the size of your establishment, Metroguard will send an individual or team of professionals to survey your property.  We will meet with your administration, ask a series of comprehensive questions, and do a complete survey of your property or campus.  Shortly thereafter, a full follow up report will then be provided to you regarding the recommendations we feel will enhance the security and lower the safety risks of your establishment.  Metroguard will also assist you with any of the follow up recommendations.

Crisis Management Plan

It is vital to have a plan so that everyone knows what to do in a crisis.  A Crisis Plan should be more comprehensive than just having one for evacuations and active assailants.  Part of that plan should also involve having a team that is well versed in it and has been assigned a specific role(s) in a crisis.  Metroguard will consult with you on editing or drafting your Crisis Management Plan, creating a Crisis Team, and assist you with all training all involved. 

Threat Assessment Protocol

While not always avoidable, the best way to prevent your establishment from an active assailant is to potentially see it coming.  Having a threat assessment team and protocol can often get the help someone may need before it’s too late.  Metroguard can work with your team on a protocol along with training your staff on techniques for de-escalation. 

Training Services

Responding to an Emergency Training
Our Responding to an Emergency Training is a ninety-minute, interactive lecture on what to expect and what to do in an emergency.  Highlights include recognizing and defining a true emergency, your potential role or treatment until first responders arrive, and what to expect from first responders.

CPR and First Aid Instructors
Metroguard has a team of CPR and First Aid Instructors that are certified by the American Heart Association.

Stop the Bleed
Stop the Bleed is an organization whose campaign is to make the nation more prepared to save lives by stopping severe bleeding.  Metroguard has a team of certified instructors in Stop the Bleed training.

Active Assailant Training
An active assailant is something no one ever thinks can take place in their place of business.  Knowing what to do when there is an active assailant can be paramount in reducing loss of life.  Metroguard will help train your employees with the Department of Homeland Security’s course on RUN, HIDE, FIGHT.  While this topic can be very fearful, our instructors will teach run, hide, fight, in empowering fashion to help reduce one’s fear on the topic. 

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