Canine Detection Services in Fairfield County, New Haven County & Surrounding Areas in Connecticut

Metroguard Security & Risk Management is proud to introduce K9 detection services. Our dogs train daily, so as to always be prepared for the call, and they specialize in both bed bug detection efforts and illegal substance detection.

K9 Drug Detection Dog for Narcotics & Illegal Substances

Metroguard is happy to provide K-9 detection services if you feel like drugs are becoming problematic within your company. Of course, drug dog detection services can sometimes make employees uneasy, but if you suspect issues that may affect your business poorly, it’s often a necessary measure to take.

If you bring in a narcotics detection dog to sniff around, that will send a strong message to anyone within your company who is using them. The drug dog detection services that Metroguard provides will let your workers know that you’re serious about changing the company’s culture.

Bed Bug Detection Dog

Not illegal, but no less problematic, the K-9 detection services you require might be more along the lines of a bed bug inspection effort. These services involve us bringing in dogs that know a bed bug’s odor.

A bed bug inspection can come in handy if you’ve spotted some on the property or there have been outbreaks nearby. Bed bug detection services are not a lot of fun, but you want to make sure to root out these pests wherever you find them.

Metroguard is pleased to bring you both the bed bug detection services and the drug dog detection services your company needs. K9 scent detection is a no-nonsense way to find out what’s happening on your business’s property.

Our canine detection services give you access to the most highly trained and obedient dogs. Metroguard is a standout in the Fairfield area, providing K9 scent detection that never fails.

Whether you need a narcotics detection dog or bed bugs are your primary concern, talk to the professionals at Metroguard. We can secure your premises with some help from one of our skilled canine companions.