Mobile Video Monitoring & Security Alarm Verification

Metroguard Inc. offers mobile security solutions like video monitoring, security cameras, and alarm verification. Since closed-circuit TV systems (CCTV) are so ubiquitous, they have lost any deterrent value they had. Unless constantly watched in real time, the benefit of any CCTV is greatly degraded – if not actually negated.

Metroguard offers a cutting edge service to resolve this very issue. Our marked patrol vehicles are equipped with the capability to view your CCTV System, either on a random basis or when something actually happens, and then take immediate and appropriate action(s).

With all local Police Departments now enforcing their False Alarm Fine Ordinances and some even only responding to Verified Alarms (actual breeches of security that have been seen by someone in real time) this security service is the wave of the future.

For more information about home security monitoring or using our mobile video monitoring services, contact Metroguard Inc. today!