Exterior Security Patrol Service for Homes in Fairfield County, CT & New Haven County, CT

Whenever you are away from your home, consider our exterior security patrol services as an addition to our key holding services. Seeing that a security team, like Metroguard, is watching the house and neighborhood in your absence helps to deter criminals from seeing your home as an inviting target.

Upon hire, we like to do what we refer to as periodic residential patrols. Fairfield, CT and the surrounding areas are far from crime-ridden, but there are always thieves and vandals looking for an easy score.

An exterior patrol service like that offered by Metroguard allows you to:

  • Know we’re keeping an eye on your home while you are away
  • Let criminals know your house is not an easy target
  • Keep your property values high since hiring us means less crime in the neighborhood

Deter Thieves or Burglars from Targeting Your Empty Home

Metroguard is the proven exterior patrol service that makes a difference. The regular home exterior patrols we can provide will let you go to work knowing no one will break in while you are away. Our home security services will also allow you to head off on a much-deserved vacation without worrying about the safety of your property.

A seemingly vacant home very quickly attracts the attention of would-be criminals. If you set up periodic residential patrols with Metroguard, along with our key holding services, you’ll be in great shape to either go on vacation or visit relatives for extended periods.

Why Choose Metro for Your Keyholding and Exterior Patrol Services?

The home exterior patrols, along with the key holding services you can get from Metroguard, are the best in the business. There are other companies in and around Fairfield and New Haven Counties that offer home security services, but you will find no other as dedicated to excellence as we are.

We train our guards to conduct meticulous periodic residential patrols, during which they examine every possible sign of danger to your property. We don’t regard this as just a job. We see guarding your home as a supreme responsibility since we would want excellent service in this area with our own houses as well.

It’s time to reach out to Metroguard about home patrol services. They’re what you need to achieve peace of mind during uncertain times.