Residential Key Holding & Alarm Response Service in Fairfield County & New Haven County, Connecticut

Anyone who resides in Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT or its surrounding areas should know about the keyholding services that Metroguard Security & Risk Management provides. Gone are the days of calling in favors with neighbors and loved ones to watch your home when you’re away, or worse, forgoing a trip away due to worry that your home will be left empty.

Keyholding services involve a security company like Metroguard having keys to your Fairfield and New Haven home when you’re either out of town or gone for the day. Residential key holding and response allows us to:

  • Enter your home and check for problems while you’re out of town
  • Patrol your property at different times of the day or night
  • Deter criminals and take care of whatever chores you assign our guards

Protect Your Home While You’re Away

Residents of Fairfield, CT and surrounding areas trust that Metroguard can be there to provide superior keyholding services to any other security company. A caretaker key holding service can help you by responding to a home invasion alarm if it goes off.

Home key holding can also include bringing your mail in each day, so nothing happens to it. The caretaker key holding service from Metroguard can involve starting your vehicles periodically if you’re gone on a longer trip. We can water your plants as part of our residential key holding and response as well if you’d like us to do that.


Why Hire Metroguard for Caretaker Key Holding Services

The guards we have on staff are more than just an alarm response service when you go out of town, or you’re at work during the days. The caretaker key holding service you get from us can give you unprecedented peace of mind. We know you regard your home as your castle. We will do everything we can to protect your prized possessions with our highly regarded residential key holding and response efforts.

Our rapid alarm response service can scare off any burglars who have decided to target your home. You can customize our home key holding so that we can bring any packages in to deter porch pirates during the holiday season or any other time. Metroguard can also drive by your house at different times of the day or night to take note of any suspicious characters lurking nearby.

Your home deserves the superior protection that Metroguard can provide. Give us a call today to inquire about this service and more.