Alarm Response & Verification

Security Alarm Response Services

Metroguard Inc. offers security solutions like alarm response and verification services. Since closed-circuit TV systems (CCTV) are so ubiquitous, they have lost any deterrent value they had. Unless constantly watched in real time, the benefit of any CCTV is greatly degraded – if not actually negated.

Most businesses already have a Security System. However it’s usually late at night or on weekends when it activates. Unless there’s an obvious opened door, local Police may arrive but can’t get inside until a key holder arrives. Plus, you get the phone call and will pay for any response they make.

Metroguard has Uniformed Licensed Security Officers on duty at all times, just for this purpose. We will enter your business, make sure that all is in order, reset the alarm, and give you a full report of the incident. We, of course, also call you and the police if we notice any evidence of a crime.

With all local Police Departments now enforcing their False Alarm Fine Ordinances and some even only responding to Verified Alarms (actual breeches of security that have been seen by someone in real time) this security service is the wave of the future.

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