Security Company & Building Patrol Service in Waterbury, Connecticut

When you need a reputable security company and building patrol service in Waterbury, Connecticut, look no further than Metroguard. We are a state licensed security company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Notably, we work tirelessly to make your security our business, and make sure you go to bed at night with peace of mind knowing your property is safe and secure.

On-Site Armed Security Guards For Hire in Waterbury

Unfortunately, you can’t take safety for granted in this day and age, especially if your commercial property contains a great deal of cash and valuables on hand. The armed security guards at Metroguard have the experience and training needed make sure situations are diffused peacefully but are also prepared for the worst to happen while protecting your property.

Building Patrol Service in Waterbury

Building patrol services should be an important element of any security plan. Not only is a mobile patrol service an affordable security investment, but it also ensures a professional can cover all areas of your property, protect your valuables and the people inside your building, and perform other important tasks, such as keeping an eye on third parties and watching entry points.

Keyholding and Alarm Response Services for Businesses in Waterbury, CT

In addition, we provide keyholding and alarm response services. Should your alarmed be tripped, we’ll provide instant response, contact emergency responders if needed, and evaluate and diffuse any situation.

We’re also give keys from many of our customers to ensure we can respond right away to urgent situations, as well as to lock or unlock doors for employees, shut down businesses for the night or provide other ancillary services to make our clients’ lives easier.

Whether you need building patrol services or some other type of security services in Waterbury, contact us.