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How Safe is Safe? And How Much Does It Really Cost?

How Safe is Safe? And How Much Does It Really Cost?

Security, like almost everything else, is a function of money. The more you spend, the safer you are right? The answer is simpler than you might imagine. You must first ask yourself these questions: Am I concerned about “things” such as houses, businesses, cars, etc.? Am I concerned about myself and my family, or am… Read more »

Real-Time Video Monitoring Offers A Faster Response In Suspicious Situations

Technology has come a long way in providing us with modern conveniences and capabilities, which has greatly advanced our means for security. This is crucial to businesses that cannot have eyes and ears on the operation after hours. However, not all security solutions offer the best results, which jeopardizes safety and property. The fact is,… Read more »

School Is Back: Rethink Your Child’s Security

With school starting back up for the 2013-2014 year, every parent experiences anxiety about putting the daily care of their children into the hands of others. While there are always some concerns when it comes to security personnel in schools, parents can rest assured that the care taken by reputable companies like Metroguard Security Services… Read more »


A verified response to a critical alarm is a serious matter. If the alarm turns out to have been falsified, a fine could be levied against the property owner.  Although a  false alarm is better news than hearing someone has trespassed, those false alarm fines can quickly add up, and cause you undue anxiety in… Read more »