School Is Back: Rethink Your Child’s Security

With school starting back up for the 2013-2014 year, every parent experiences anxiety about putting the daily care of their children into the hands of others. While there are always some concerns when it comes to security personnel in schools, parents can rest assured that the care taken by reputable companies like Metroguard Security Services can have positive effects on the lives of students. Here’s a few ways we can help.

Credible witnesses – Even when minor issues arise, the presence of an authorized security guard can go a long way towards sorting out conflicts. With security guards present, students will be less likely to engage in risky behavior and more likely to be held accountable when they do. This can only be a good thing for students who play by the rules and stay out of trouble.

Part of the team – Contrary to some beliefs, security guards will work hand in hand with school teachers and staff to create a better learning environment for children. Effective security guards blend in with the structure of the school, keeping students comfortable and assuring an extra level of comfort in the case of behavioral or security issues.

Positive influences – A good security guard builds positive relationships with the student body, representing order and cooperation on a daily basis. They can serve as positive role models, setting an example that good students will come to look up to. Security guards can educate students on mediating conflicts, preventing drug use, and life skills.

Prevent a minor issue from a becoming a major one- A security guard can help curb a minor issue, preventing it from escalating into something regrettable.

Security guards are sometimes mistakenly typecast as stoic enforcers who only seek to punish wrongdoing. While they are fully capable of taking on that role, friendly conversations and reassuring smiles are far more common. These are the types of jobs we cherish at Metroguard Security Services.