Real-Time Video Monitoring Offers A Faster Response In Suspicious Situations

Technology has come a long way in providing us with modern conveniences and capabilities, which has greatly advanced our means for security. This is crucial to businesses that cannot have eyes and ears on the operation after hours. However, not all security solutions offer the best results, which jeopardizes safety and property.

The fact is, real-time video surveillance creates a more secure and safe environment. A real-time video surveillance is a company’s second set of eyes when regular security (if available) is not watching and when CCTV systems are only viewable AFTER a situation occurs.

Being pro-active with ensuring that your company is in safe hands while you’re not there can being with real-time video monitoring. Real-time surveillance is exactly what they name implies: video monitoring by a real person for each real minute your business is left unattended.

You might be linked with a security monitoring system that is headquartered miles away and traditional alarm systems are notorious for false alarms. Having an actual person keep an eye on your business during closed door hours is a reliable measure for taking instant action should something happen.

Here are the real facts about the benefits of real-time video monitoring:

  • The officer assigned to monitor your business is local and can react instantly to a problem.
  • There are no time lapses because the property is monitored in real-time.
  • The officer assigned has been properly trained to asses certain instances.
  • The camera that is monitored can view various points around your business.
  • If an alarm system is activated the officer can communicate with your current CCTV system.
  • In an unusual situation, real-time video surveillance provides the comfort of knowing that an officer can:

– View the monitor and determine if the alarm is false.

– Respond immediately.

– If criminal activity is suspected, police enforcements can be alerted right away.

For a trustworthy addition to your security procedure, contact Metroguard Security Services today to learn more about our real-time video monitoring services. We tailor each security job to the specific needs of our clients and real-time video monitoring is a sound, safe and secure investment.