4 Burglary Prevention Tips

Our homes and businesses are two of our most treasured assets. There are few things more important than making sure they are protected. Theft is a huge problem across the globe, and in many areas, home and business burglaries are a constant threat to our security and peace of mind. Home and business owners are always looking for ways to prevent theft; theft prevention saves a lot of money and prevents anxiety.

One of the best ways to secure your home or business property is to use the services of a professional security guard, or a business that can provide such quality and high tech services as video monitoring. A professional security company can even suggest ways that their services can help to protect your home or property.

In the meantime, there are a few simple things that home and business owners can do to deter theft.

Here are 4 basic and proven burglary prevention tips for your home or business property:

1. Keep your home or business property tidy and neat. A well cared for property is a sign that someone lives there, or is paying attention to the property. Messy and cluttered yards, and doorways and mailboxes, filled with old junk mail, is a sign to a thief, that the property may be abandoned or that the owner is away for long periods of time. This encourages thieves to break in, because they have determined that there is no one consistently keeping an eye on the property.

2. At least one light should be kept on at all times, even during the night, and especially when you are away for any length of time. Most small business owners know to keep their window signs lit throughout closing hours. Even if a thief knows that you are closed for the evening, they will determine that the property is being used and most likely has an alarm system. For homeowners, keeping a light on throughout the night, and when you go on vacation, makes it appear as though there is someone in the house. A thief will likely not want to take the chance on being wrong.

3. Check your doors and locks before leaving your property or going to bed at night. This seems simple, but many people forget to do the most obvious. Before going to bed at night or leaving your property for any length of time, do the rounds, and check each door to be sure that it is locked; also check windows to make sure that they are secure. Any broken door or window locks should be repaired right away, and if you ever lose a key to your home, you should have a locksmith change the locks.  As the old adage goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

4. Store all valuables inside your home, office safe, or garage. Items like barbecue grills, tools, lawn supplies, and bikes, should be kept out of plain site. It is best not to tempt a thief; if you have these types of valuables outside, they will only assume that there is more valuable and better items on the inside.

Be sure to consult a professional security services company to find out the best ways to secure your particular type of property. Their advice is invaluable when it comes to keeping your family, business, and property, safe and secure.