We’re not talking mathematics, 20th century art, or even pentagrams. Here we’re talking about security – your security. Most people have a Burglar Alarm System.They also have an Alarm Company and/or a Central Monitoring Station that receives the signals when it activates.These are things they have some control over. Think of them as two legs of a triangle. But what about the third leg? This is the really important one. This is the leg that will have somebody come and see whats going on when the other two legs “work”.

Having someone who can actually go inside (24x7x365) and see what’s happening is mandatory. Without it you have nothing: no security, no peace of mind, no anything! Will the Police respond – probably yes – but when? After all, responding to Security Alarms, most of which are false, is not their top priority. And, they are under no obligation to do so anyway.

A private, professional, on-site Security Alarm Response and Key-Holding company is your  best option. First of all its inexpensive. Second of all they work directly for you. Thirdly, without them (the all important third leg) you really have no security and the other legs of the triangle have worked in vain.