The Neighborhood – Circa 2016

When I was growing up we knew our neighbors. The Gilberts lived across the street, as did the Smolens. Next door was the Cubers on one side the Limeaus on the other. We knew them, knew the the parents, knew the kids, had picnics and watched out for each other.

Today we just have “other people” who happen to live on the same street. Who are they? haven’t have a clue. So asking them to look after our house when we’re not there is out of the question. Asking them to hold a set of our house keys is even more unlikely. Besides, their not home any more than we are so what’s the point. As for asking our relatives, not very likely – they have their own lives to lead too.

So when our Alarm System activates either I take time off from work or hope my local Police will go. The Police will probably come, if not busy with other more important things, but what can they really do. The answer is not much as the alarm came from inside and their outside. Maybe a better alternative is a local, professional Key-Holding Service. For the few dollars it would cost, not to mention my peace of mind, could be a great solution.