An Insecure Vacation is no Vacation: Hire Security While You’re Out Of Town

Few things in life are more exciting and rewarding than taking a well-deserved vacation.  Stress at the office or at school has a tendency to build up, yet that stress seems to magically disappear when you are relaxing in a different zip code.

However, there are some drawbacks to taking a vacation, particularly for homeowners.  Taking a vacation means you will be leaving behind a vacant house, which makes it susceptible to thieves and other unsolicited intruders.  What’s more, there won’t be anyone to water plants in the summer, and you could develop a mail buildup in your mailbox.  Additionally, if pet owners cannot bring their animals with them, then they must find a trustworthy and dependable person to feed and exercise their beloved pets.

Fortunately, vacationers in Fairfield and New Haven County in Connecticut can protect their homes, ensure their plants are being watered and rest assured knowing their pets are receiving optimal care by making one simple phone call to  Metroguard, Inc. We have been a godsend to vacationing families for over 30 years thanks to our versatile services.  One of the many security services that we offer is our Residential Service that is specifically designed for homeowners who are unable to look after their property.  Our trained guards will not only check up on your home to make sure no one has entered the premises; they can also perform habitual homeowner duties, such as grabbing the mail, providing pets with the care they need and be available for deliveries.  Regardless of what you need done while you are away, we can tailor our services to fit your needs, and provide you with a peace of mind that naturally arises from knowing your house is being looked after.

Every homeowner has had the nightmare of returning from a vacation only to find a broken window, or a kicked in door and finding that all of their valuables and sentimental treasures were gone.  Don’t let that nightmare become a reality.  Simply give Metroguard a call, 1-800-494-0400 or 1-203-226-3638 and we will design a tailored plan that will keep your property safe, and make certain your in-home operations do not miss a beat.

Posted by: Metroguard Inc