How Metroguard can Protect Your Home During the Holidays

You don’t have to be a millionaire to have excellent home security these days. Metroguard of Connecticut offers house-watching services for the times when you’re not there, but you need someone around to make sure you don’t have an intruder and that everything’s “a-ok.”

With Christmas coming up soon, many people will be traveling away from home to visit friends and relatives for holiday dinners and parties. Others will be taking much-needed vacations. Some will go across town for a night, while others will drive to nearby states for a weekend, or fly to faraway places like San Francisco or Miami for a week or more. If you’re going to be away from your house for any amount of time, Metroguard can ensure your place stays safe and secure.

An empty house invites robbers. However, Metroguard offers services so potential thieves won’t think nobody’s home. Bringing in the mail and delivered packages, rotating what lights are on overnight, and moving/starting your vehicles in the driveway are things Metroguard’s trusted workers can do to make it appear like everything’s normal at your house while you’re away for the holidays.

Metroguard’s workers can also check your heating, cooling, water and security systems to make sure everything’s running properly while you’re gone. They can let workmen or authorized personnel in and make sure they do what they’re there to do under a watchful eye. In addition, even seemingly little things, like watering plants, can be done by Metroguard’s workers.

If you want peace of mind while you’re away at holiday time, Metroguard goes the extra mile to assure that your home is fine while you’re away—they’ll even do drive bys/patrol the property for you and send you digital documentation to keep you informed of what they’ve done and how things are going.

This Christmas, if you’re leaving Connecticut, have your house professionally watched by Metroguard.