Protecting Our Most Important Assets

As we continue to mourn the tragedy in Newtown, our leaders are searching for new and creative ways to help prevent a similar tragedy from occurring.  Children are the most important assets we have, and it’s scary to think that they may not be completely safe while off at school.

Recently, the Senate rejected a bill that called for more expansive background checks for gun purchases.  Regardless of your political beliefs and affiliations, it was unfortunate that rather than taking a step forward by implementing a preventative measure, we ended up staying in place, back at square one.

One way for schools and communities to augment the safety of their children is to hire professional security services to watch over schools.  Perhaps best of all, schools won’t have to wait tirelessly for a bill to be passed to implement this preventive measure.   Below is a list of reasons why it is a prudent decision:

•    A security guard can serve as a deterrent.  Criminologists have long theorized that the absence of a capable guardian is one of the main reasons that crimes are committed.  Known as routine activities theory, the paradigm argues that having a suitable protector in place can help prevent a crime from ever occurring.  Having a security guard or guards patrolling the halls, parking lots and front doors on a habitual basis could make someone think twice about performing an illegal activity.
•    Security guards are trained to properly respond in chaotic situations.  Hopefully it would never happen, but should an inconceivable incident occur, a security guard will be a calming influence that can quickly alert authorities and provide protection to students and teachers, and ideally stop a crisis from occurring.
•    Security services can help clip the bullying epidemic.  A professional security guard would have a strong grasp of the daily inner workings of the school, and will be able to identify bullying situations before things escalate.
•    Guards can stop unwanted visitors from entering the school.  Forcing visitors to have to walk past security after first bell can prevent an unsolicited person from gaining access to children and school personnel.

If you would like to learn more about how security services can help protect schools, please give us a call.  Metro Guard Inc. has been proving security services in Connecticut for many years, and can help you find the right solution for your specific needs.

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