The Benefits of Increasing Security At Your Workplace

Commercial businesses are always searching for new and creative ways to safeguard their workplace.  Loss prevention continues to be a major detriment to businesses in a myriad of different industries.  It is imperative that businesses find ways to prevent potential break ins and trespassers; protecting both employees and products in the process.  Below is a list of 5 reasons that suggest increasing the security at your company is a prudent decision.

1)      Deterrence.  An increased security presence at your workplace can serve as a wonderful deterrent to prospective intruders.  The sight of a security guard or a security vehicle will make them think twice about trying to enter, and likely will be enough of a presence that potential intruders will pass on moving in.

2)      A quick response to issues.  If you do have an intruder, having a trained security team can help you quickly address the situation, and prevent the issue from escalating.  A trained professional can ensure that the emergency response is efficient, and that the right people arrive on site to further handle the situation.

3)       Office safety.  Having a security presence on site will increase the confidence of employees, knowing that their workplace is safe, and having the assurance of knowing their vehicles and belongings in their cars are not at risk while they are indoors.

4)      Non-traditional safety risks.  A professional security team can ensure that weather storms, piping issues and other unforeseen environmental or maintenance problems do not create a giant mess.  The last thing business owners or managers want is to arrive at work on Monday morning and be surprised by a few inches of water on the ground, compromising documents and equipment inside.

5)      Save money on energy bills.  Similar to number four, having a security presence can help you save money on energy bills, as guards can make sure that lights and/or machines aren’t accidentally left on.  Additionally, they can make certain that air conditioning and heating units are on their proper cycles, and businesses aren’t paying to heat or cool their workplace while no one is there.

Best of all, a commercial security presence will provide you with a peace of mind.  For businesses owners in Fairfield County, New Haven County, and other areas in Connecticut, please contact us to learn more about how we can help your business.

Posted by: MetroGuard Inc