6 Reasons to Choose Metroguard

Have you been searching for new and creative ways to protect your home?  Do you often worry about the security of your home while you are at work or traveling for business?  If so, Metroguard, Inc. could be the ideal solution to your dilemmas. Metroguard offers a plethora of security services to homeowners and businesses… Read more »

Protecting Our Most Important Assets

As we continue to mourn the tragedy in Newtown, our leaders are searching for new and creative ways to help prevent a similar tragedy from occurring.  Children are the most important assets we have, and it’s scary to think that they may not be completely safe while off at school. Recently, the Senate rejected a… Read more »

The Benefits of Increasing Security At Your Workplace

Commercial businesses are always searching for new and creative ways to safeguard their workplace.  Loss prevention continues to be a major detriment to businesses in a myriad of different industries.  It is imperative that businesses find ways to prevent potential break ins and trespassers; protecting both employees and products in the process.  Below is a… Read more »

Welcome to MetroGuard Inc.

Incorporated in 1982, Metroguard Security Services is a Connecticut Full-Service, state Licensed (As-551) Security Agency. Our service offerings include: Commercial,  Residential and School Security Services, On-Site Alarm Verification & Key-Holding, Executive Protection, Mobile Patrols, On-Site Security Guards, and Real-Time Mobile Video Monitoring. Check back with us frequently as we begin updating our blog!!